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What are the trends for the 2012 Spring-Summer collection?

The merry go round of Parisian fashion is both the theme and the setting for the Spring-Summer 2012 collection as imagined by Marc Jacobs. One by one, look the models dismount the carrousel with its magnificent horses: the tone is one of kindness, of love and joie de vivre. Last winter’s navy and black fetishism is now transformed into a palette of soft colors, and the rigorous lines become crinoline curves and floating feathers combined with characteristic craftsman- ship and impeccable garment construction.

What about the accessories and women’s leather goods?

The accessories exude the spirit of change and continuity, like last season’s mask headbands transformed into tiaras and the handcuffs into bracelets with tinkling bells. The Louis Vuitton golden signature is replaced by light, shiny silver on necklaces adorned with small talismans ? a feather, a bell or a crystal stone. Within this feminine style, several models are in embroidered organza. The shoes carry on the soft touch with a romantic theme and two-toned pastel tints. The high, straight heeled mules come in a large variety of materials, from suede to crocodile, to calfskin. Last year’s star Lockit bag has been joined by this year’s equally iconic Spring-Summer 2012 Speedy bag. They are both redesigned in the light, airy style of the new collection.



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