The Nina Ricci runway show, F-W 2014

Last night in the Tuileries garden, a parterre of candles shows us the way to the Nina Ricci runway show.

Warm and subdued, two grand pianos face each other and arouse our curiosity.

Pianists appear and it is on a live rendition of the most beautiful Erik Satie pieces that we will discover the creations of Peter Copping for next fall-winter. With the first models, we immediately recognize the femininity and elegance that characterizes the Nina Ricci woman. Willowy mannequins, long necks and with amazing headbands, reminding us of ballet dancers. And it is indeed a ballerina’s wardrobe that the designer is proposing : with petticoats, corsets, satin, chiffon and feathers. Each model is a wink to the dancers’ wardrobe all while keeping an urban side that allows for easy every day  wear.

We found two very nice tweed bags and fawned over all the pairs of shoes.

 The designer came out on the catwalk to thank the pianist duo who orchestrated this beautiful show.
And to allow all to remember these beautiful notes, the fashion house offered everyone the CD of the most beautiful Erik Satie pieces.

Commentez le premier !