The Elie Saab runway show, spring-summer 2012-13

Thursday afternoon, check in the Tuileries gardens, pharmacy sporting their best umbrellas, click the fashion editors flocked to the Elie Saab runway show.  Nothing, not even pouring rain would have prevented us from applauding this superb spring-summer 2012-2013 collection.

This is the story of the show…


« Uninhibited, the heirs live their life as artists,photographers, bloggers and philanthropists according to their

passions. And if they mix influences it is to stand out,to follow their heart, to compose daily with colors.


Busy, they take a shine for all charcoal lighter plastron of a pink powder or cream trouser relaxed lace flowers.

Keen on accessories,  by turn, a pink  bronze or simpering aqua serpent handbag ; better, they coordinate-looks; crepe stretch or blue raspberry  with a fuchsia bag or blue swinging mini bag   …

Exuberant, they dare patterns of printed fluorescent futuristic fabric that flies smoothly on ample volumes of chiffon.

Active, sometimes impulsive, they will even fit in a made to order  jumpsuit, a bit retro, to spice their afternoon.

Confident, they also wear  graphic dresses, architected and highlighted grosgrain band.


Out in the evening, they shine in open lace sequined sleeves that underline their subtly curved and slender silhouettes.

A range that fits in with their busy, multiple lives.











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