The adventure of Nathalie Vranken, the vendanges of Avenue Montaigne

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Vendanges Avenue Montaigne, we will release one of the major events of this wonderful night each day.

7 days to go, here’s a little story!

Nathalie Vranken, wife of Paul-François Vranken (owner of maison Pommery Champagne), has created this event since 1989. « I just created my company of communication, I proposed to Antoine Gridel, president of the Comité Montaigne, this magnificent event in Paris. My idea: combine great wines and champagnes with the luxury homes of the avenue and create the first Vendange.  »

This lasts for 25 years! We are happy to participate in this iconic event of Avenue Montaigne.

Thank you Mrs Vranken, we are looking forward to it !!!

Nathalie Vranken and her husband, Paul-François Vranken.

Commentez le premier !