Soon to come: The Catherinettes of the Avenue Montaigne


On november 25th yearly,the fashion house of the Avenue Montaigne perpetuate a very old tradition known as the « Catherinettes ». The patron saint of this celebration,Catherine of Alexandrie, lived seventeen centuries ago and was tortured to death on november 25th, 307 under the reign of Maximien. In the past, on her feast day,young unmarried ladies would »coiffer sainte Catherine » literally, cover Saint Catherines’s statue with a hat, while making a wish to find a husband. Over time, the tradition  has been abandoned by the general public,preserved pnly in the fashion world.  And even in fashion circles, it has lost ground.

The Comité Montaigne has re-launched the tradition, adding a modern touch: it is no longer reserved only for couture houses and, now even young men can participates under the patronage of Saint Nicolas. The rules are the same for both sexes: candidates must be unmarried, be at least 25 year old…and must wear a hat !


Last year the winner was wearing a Nina Ricci headdress . Next Friday, at the Theatre des Champs Elysees we will learn who is this years’ winner.


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