Ralph Lauren Autumn / Winter 2016

Relaxed class and elegance are a certitude for the follower of the American « preppy »! Last night in New York, Ralph Lauren makes us dream once more with his creations. A Gentleman-like woman with a little touch of vintage-western in the day outfits and an eternally American Diva in the night…

Jackets with a checked pattern, XXL pants, cachemir cardigans, silk blouses, cravats and boots get us directly in a Western atmosphere and are perfectly for women who love to go for a walk in the woods on wonderful days. Long velvet dresses, brocade and silk for the ladies who love to go out chic at night. All the shades of the colors of autumn are used: beige, khaki, brown, violet, wine-colored, black,…A collection who doesn’t refute the classical American spirit of the fashion house.


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