The history of Prada finds its roots at the beginning of the last century

In 1913, when Mario Prada, Miuccia Prada’s grandfather, opened a boutique for luxury goods in the prestigious landmark Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan. A quest for innovation and the rarest and most precious materials as well as for highly sophisticated craftsmanship are at the core of its creations.

These are the principles that Mario Prada wished to convey, and that the generations which followed have succeeded in preserving and developing. Uncompromised quality – applied to every phase of the process – and innovation are Prada’s reference values: since the 80’s, the collections created by Miuccia Prada have anticipated and dictated fashion trends. Each season Prada reinvents itself whilst respecting its 100 year history and its unique craftsmanship approach.


Prada’s horizons go beyond the confines of fashion: art, architecture, cinema and culture in general are an integral part of the brand’s core values. The Prada Transformer in Seoul – designed in collaboration with architect Rem Koolhaas – is one of the expressions of this approach: a changing pavilion, which may be flipped, shifting its space into a radically different configuration, depending on the project – fashion, art, cinema or special event – being hosted. A breakthrough and a reference for contemporary architecture.


Prada boutiques are the brand’s “Embassies” and as such, they portray the brand’s values of top quality and innovation in all aspects: the welcome and client service to the modern elegant and sophisticated atmosphere all make the shopping experience unique. Some of the Prada stores – the self-styled Epicenters designed by renowned architects – are genuine laboratories of new ideas.


Their common feature is the modern atmosphere, elegant and sophisticated.


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