Maison Georges Makaroun: a new star of sewing settles on Avenue Montaigne

Georges Makaroun took advantage of Paris fashion week last February, to present his new spring-summer 2018 haute couture collection in the intimate setting of his new showroom in the heart of Paris’ golden triangle, Avenue Montaigne.



It is in the middle of a starry night, in the gardens of the Castle of Artigny, that one sees in the distance, the beauty and the carelessness of women sharing together the euphoria of a sumptuous evening. Majestic by its architecture inspired by Versailles and known to have witnessed the most incredible receptions of his time, this sumptuous castle is the setting of the new campaign of the Parisian fashion house.

Georges Makaroun imagined for this collection thirty silhouettes drawn with an architectural vision.

The entire collection is drawn at the designer's studio in Paris and then made in the workshops of the house in Beirut using the most noble fabrics from Italy. It is a team of ten people, at the same time patronnists, couturiers, embroiderers and small hands who shape each dress in the pure tradition of the high-fashion artisanal. Each dress requires on average between two hundred and three hundred hours of painstaking work.

Among the most emblematic models of the collection, we find, the dress "Etoile" reveals a vertiginous plunging neckline and marries the body marking the waist with a gold belt. Vaporous and fluid, the silk brocade black night is embroidered with shooting stars in gold thread.

The "Crystal" dress marks the know-how of the house.

Imagined as a second skin, this silk tulle dress is embroidered entirely with beads and drops of Swarovski crystals. The delicacy of the fallen and the placement of each stone by hand in the game of transparency, let us imagine a glittering star dust streaming on the skin.



The dress « Estrela » made of deep black silk tulle, follows the curves and shapes an almost unreal silhouette. With these pointed and enhanced epaulets, plunging neckline dotted with Jet Hematite and Black Diamond crystals, the « Estrela » dress is one of the most masterly in the collection. No less than two thousand stones are embroidered by hand, and a hundred ostrich feathers were needed to make a piece at once unique and magical.



The "Milky Way" wedding dress closes the parade. Enchanting, this creation in silk tulle embroidered with more than three thousand shards of crystals and pearls ends on a train three meters long.



Regarding his second collection, ready-to-wear couture winter 2019, Georges Makaroun imagines timeless silhouettes that pay tribute to an elegant and impetuous woman. He wants to dress women for all the occasions of his life, so it was natural to develop the brand’s haute couture line by creating sophisticated cocktail silhouettes. Thus this collection keeps the first inspiration of the couture line in the perfection of the materials, the magic of the starry nights and the beauty of the body of the woman through the technique of the corset couture.

For his line of cocktail dresses, Georges Makaroun imagined for this collection ten silhouettes drawn with sensuality. Inspired by the couture collection, each dress brings a dimension and an additional mink. Shades of red rub elbows with deep blacks interwoven with patterns of crystalline roses and romantic arabesques. Among the most emblematic dresses, four seamed dresses have been redesigned as a cocktail.

Eline dress, fascinating beauty thanks to the game of transparency and the use of special techniques such as the application of leather-powdered inserts then hand-painted. The long train gives way to a shorter skirt height (…)



The Diane dress, stunning with its plunging neckline and black silk velvet patterns.



The Venus dress, inspires a shorter, sun-satin dress in black and gold.



The Selene dress gives way to a lighter silhouette embracing the body of her delicate hand-embroidered brodées à la main.



New dresses complete the collection, as Georges Makaroun rethinks the traditional little black dress, and brings him his personal touch such as a corseted structure, a bare back weared with satin ribbons, the fall of the kidneys is then magnified by a cut in heart letting imagine the most sensual curves.

Georges Makaroun also presented, for the very first time, some exclusive pieces of couture tuxedos, the premise of the development of a line dedicated to tailoring.

Architectural, bent and cut like a man’s, the tuxedo is also a concentrate of the style of Georges Makaroun for which fashion is much more than a history of precious materials and cuts: « fashion is a dream because if we do not dream, we do not live! « .

Each jacket is mounted on an invisible seam corset that draws the silhouette with perfection. Georges Makaroun wanted to preserve and use tailoring traditions by collaborating with a tailor for men. The fabrics are carefully selected for their fall and their rarity as important as for the making of a haute couture dress.


Three new tuxedos are added to the collection in shades of black and white in silk satin, including a silk brocade embroidered with roses crystallized in shades of ruby.

Finally a modernized and more feminine edition than ever is born, jacket between the tuxedo the spencer, high-waisted shorts, all in silk satin embroidered with multicolored sequins.

But Georges Makaroun does not stop there, indeed, this one wants to mix the feminine masculine codes through notably the line of sewing tuxedos, he decides to pay homage to the traditional bowtie for man who becomes « object of desire. The bow tie becomes the essential accessory of Georges Makaroun’s collections. Each knot offers huge proportions, mixing ostrich feathers and embroidered Swarovski crystals. A total of fifteen pieces constitute this new line, presented as true jewels both precious and delicate.

His new collection will be available by appointment in the intimate setting of his new showroom on Avenue Montaigne and in several prestigious boutiques around the world.


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