Louis vuitton cruise collection 2018

Louis Vuitton  has chosen to present its 2018 cruise collection in Japan. The parade that took place last May 14 will have marked the spirits by its collection unveiled but also by the place where the presentation was made.
Nestled in the verdant mountains above Kyoto, the Miho Museum offers extraordinary amenities, a venue for a Hollywood movie set. It is a piece of extremely contemporary architecture in symbiosis with a very rich surrounding nature. The decor gives us the impression of having our heads in the clouds and gives us a sensation of dream awake.
The starting point of this 2018 cruise collection was the fusion of urban to organic.

We can find in this collection many references to Japanese culture and it is a form of respect to find on each garment an evocation of samurai, handbags with faces, grave landscapes in ink, Ceremonial suits, martial arts outfits … etc. The collection is nevertheless sober and elegant, with a slight rock touch due to the materials and cuts used, as well as the black make-up type « cat eyes » recalling the origins of the place chosen. It is the mixture between the western and the eastern.

« This place immediately inspired me. After the desert and Palm Springs, the sea and Rio, I wanted to discover another landscape: an immersion in an ocean of greenery. With the Miho Museum designed by Ieoh Ming Pei, we continue the architectural journey of the Louis Vuitton house. We are moving in a relationship between nature, geography and the vision of a great architect for the 2018 parade »
Nicolas Ghesquière

This collection pays tribute to the creator Kansaï Yamamoto, who paved the way for a whole generation of Japanese designers to come and present in France.
Following the parade, guests from all over the world were able to join the Gion neighborhood in Kyoto to participate in an open-air cocktail.

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