The Chanel show, F/W 2012-13


Just what is hidden in this candy pink invitation,

drawn in pencil by Gabrielle Chanel,

With two contradictory words: New Vintage ?


Following the depths of the sea, an airbus, a show at Versailles and a trip to Bombay, does Karl Lagerfeld crave a return to the essence of the fashion house?





Installed in wicker chairs, with coffee table and cakes, the guests enjoyed the show as if in a great guest house, tea time in The Great Gatsby.

The first silhouettes appear and we were right. The designer seems to have recovered his signature codes and added a contemporary touch.

He picked up a vintage inspiration from the archives of the fashion house. Tweed suits, tasseled dresses, gray tights, the master turns « granny » colors into terribly sexy ones.

We are under the spell, we want vintage, but have not yet discovered the pearl of his immaculate show. A wedding dress adorned with feathers, beautiful enough to inspire jealousy in all

fairy tale heroines …

Watch the show’s vidéo