Inside Chanel, Chapter 20

In 2017, CHANEL celebrates Gabrielle. Shone Karl Lagerfeld devotes a bag which he names in his honour while the Home will throw a called perfume GABRIELLE CHANEL in next autumn.

Gabrielle. This forename which makes room for the nickname of Coke is in the middle of the personality of the founder of CHANEL. In this archangel’s name resound in fact insubordination, freedom, passion and pace, four pillars which governed the life of Gabrielle Chanel. Four stocks which more than ever inspire all women today and that compose the synopses of four films to be discovered in 2017 on the site INSIDE Chanel. After the broadcasting of the first shutter dedicated to Gabrielle’s insubordination, here are therefore the chapter 20: Gabrielle or freedom.

« If you were born without wings, make nothing to prevent them from growing. »

Win, control, like. Here is how Gabrielle Chanel defined freedom, its freedom. Refusing to depend on whoever, the creator founded only her Home, fought to be a success and to earn her freedom so. Gabrielle put job above everything, condition according to her, success and its permanence. Refusing diktats, the one who liberated the movements of the women, appropriated subjects flexible and masculine as jersey and tweed. Emblems which it transformed into symbols beyond codes, controlled in every line, every silhouette, smock, suit … she made waltz hats to reveal hair, established the tan of the sun as bright face of beauty and of free womanhood. Slaughtering borders, she outbraved tradition by throwing his own perfume, N°5, which by offering a flower arrangement aldéhydé invented modern perfumery and olfactory abstraction as well as its codes by choosing a bottle in the unpublished working drawing and closed by an octagonal cork taking back the geometry of the place Vendôme. Later, she will make of the jewellery-making her new ground of expression: her, the loving of pearls and of costume jewellery will cover the women of her collection Jewellery of Diamonds.

Preferring friendship to the interested society events, Gabrielle Chanel distanced herself of her epoch: like without cheating, with passion and honesty, working for oneself and succeeding by oneself, becoming what they are, simply. Rise above a foreordained condition, get rid of chains and established rules which hinder creativity, to abolish conventions, to liberate body and, beyond, mind to choose what she wanted to be: by controlling her destiny, Gabrielle won her freedom, that one even as she had decided from her childhood and as she has never given in to whoever. The one that today, every woman demands, as Gabrielle Chanel at her time.

Book was opened on the history of the Home and the personality of her founder, INSIDE CHANEL illustrates and stages an inheritance which is rediscovered every time. Every short delivers a facet of Gabrielle Chanel or a vision of Karl Lagerfeld, brings out in the open the inspirations which hide behind creations, decipher a lucky symbol, redraw the origin of a perfume, glitter of the brightness of the jewellery-making, decipher each of the fundamental of CHANEL to cast them in eternity. To view in order that they decide oneself, episodes INSIDE Chanel are to adapt entirely. According to his desire and with complete freedom, without restraint of the thread of history. As would have made it Gabrielle …

The film Gabrielle or freedom is to discover on the site INSIDE Chanel from May 15th, 2017.

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