The casino of Chanel !!!


After the supermarket, pharmacy Karl Lagerfeld imagined a new world in a frenetic casino to present his haute couture collection fall / winter 2015-2016.

« I do not gamble but I like the atmosphere of  how people dress in casinos.  They seem to try to earn enough money to pay the rent at the end of the month. Today the casinos are a little sinister, site because people do not dress up anymore », clinic said Karl Lagerfeld.

In this collection, Karl Lagerfeld has relied on a new version of the legendary tailor thanks to a 3D technique called Selective Laser Sintering.

« The idea was to take the most iconic jacket of the twentieth century and to make a version of the twenty-first century, which technically was not even imaginable at the time she was born, » said Karl Lagerfeld.

The placement of the guests was done rapidly, everyone found their assigned seat in the casino.

Around the VIP blackjack tables to watch the show, Julianne Moore, Lily Collins, Anna Sophia Robb, Kristen Stewart and Rita Ora.

In total, 67 looks found!

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