HAUTE COUTURE FALL/WINTER 2015-2016: Atelier Versace

The brand Atelier Versace presented its new collection Fall/Winter 2015-2016 in Paris.

Discover the looks of the show of Atelier Versace.

00020h_jpg_6637_north_1382x_black 00030h_jpg_4152_north_1382x_black 00040h_jpg_7191_north_1382x_black 00050h_jpg_9471_north_1382x_black 00060h_jpg_3162_north_1382x_black 00070h_jpg_1759_north_1382x_black 00080h_jpg_9814_north_1382x_black 00090h_jpg_3104_north_1382x_black COURANT-10-1 COURANT-11 COURANT-12 COURANT-13 COURANT-14 COURANT-15 COURANT-16 COURANT-17 COURANT-18 COURANT-19 COURANT-20 COURANT-21 COURANT-22 COURANT-23 COURANT-24 COURANT-25 COURANT-26 COURANT-27 COURANT-28 COURANT-29 COURANT-30 COURANT-31 COURANT-32 COURANT-33 COURANT-34 COURANT-35 COURANT-36 COURANT-37 COURANT-38 COURANT-39 Versace Atelier Fashion Show, <a href=see Couture Collection Fall Winter 2015 in Paris » width= »162″ height= »243″ /> COURANT-40

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