Chloé Autumn / Winter 2016/ 2017

Leather, sick chiffon, rx fringes, sildenafil ponchos and mini scarfs around the neck. The wild and gipsy-chic attitude of the woman by Chloé continues in the Autumn / Winter 2016/ 2017 collection. A romantic woman, with the spirit of a biker, who loves to travel.

Chloe-RF16-0016 Chloe-RF16-0032 Chloe-RF16-0042 Chloe-RF16-0051 Chloe-RF16-0056 Chloe-RF16-0066 Chloe-RF16-0073 Chloe-RF16-0089 Chloe-RF16-0103 Chloe-RF16-0119 Chloe-RF16-0132 Chloe-RF16-0146 Chloe-RF16-0154 Chloe-RF16-0164 Chloe-RF16-0175 Chloe-RF16-0189 Chloe-RF16-0201 Chloe-RF16-0227 Chloe-RF16-0243 Chloe-RF16-0259 Chloe-RF16-0270 Chloe-RF16-0280 Chloe-RF16-0301 Chloe-RF16-0313 Chloe-RF16-0325 Chloe-RF16-0347 Chloe-RF16-0353 Chloe-RF16-0359 Chloe-RF16-0378 Chloe-RF16-0386 Chloe-RF16-0399 Chloe-RF16-0413 Chloe-RF16-0428 Chloe-RF16-0460 Chloe-RF16-0474 Chloe-RF16-0484

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