Chanel raises the curtain for the third day of the Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris. At the occasion of the runway show, the French fashion house takes us to a kingdom of Eco-friendly calmness: a pure and ecological garden, a rustic style, but modernity. Voilà! The doors of the Grand Palais open up to a green prairie in the midst of which is a huge wooden construction with different levels. A light blue sky illuminates this spectacle.

Rags, hives, fringes, wooden fibers and crystals…lots of pants are long and cut widely reaching the ankles, tight skirts, but also 50’s style and tweed jackets (a classical one for Chanel). The shoes keep the traditional contrast between the Chanel colors blue and white. The range of colors is neutral: nude, dark blue, black and flower prints.

The polite atmosphere and the bohemian ways characterize the carefree attitude of the models.


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