CdMdiary by Caroline de Maigret

The story that links Caroline de Maigret and Maison CHANEL has been long. In 1998, Karl Lagerfeld scrolls the young woman for her collection of Prêt-à-Porter Spring-Summer, at the Opéra Bastille.

The creator is seduced by the look and singular personality of the young woman. Caroline de Maigret is not only a model, but she sets up a music label, becomes a producer, author, photographer. It affirms, over the years, its desire to create without limit, to shape a model of life tailor-made. It can be found in Karl Lagerfeld’s book, La Petite Veste Noire. She assists front row with all her parades, imposing as the strong icon of Parisian chic. She became the spokesperson and ambassador of the Maison, a natural extension of a collaboration that never ceased. Today, CHANEL launches a platform dedicated to the lifestyle carried by the voice of Caroline de Maigret. CdMdiary by Caroline de Maigret has a vocation to share a lifestyle resolutely anchored in the time.


The site is currently composed of six sections that will evolve freely over time and the desires of its editor in chief. N ° 1 brings together necessary or strong pieces with advice, ideas on how to wear them, how to accessorize them. Backstage is an unprecedented incursion behind the scenes of fashion, photos taken during parades or special evenings.


For Dressing Talks, Caroline meets a celebrity who opens the doors of her closets, the occasion for an authentic discussion of locker room. But, on this platform, it is not just about fashion. Crushes offers all the cultural favorites of Caroline. Concerts, books, films, his personal selection. Best places brings together secret addresses, restaurants, bars or museums. There will also be a show, Music Itw, where an exceptional guest will evoke all the pieces that marked his journey, his experience.



This launch is accompanied by an event that will take place in the CHANEL shop at 51 avenue Montaigne before becoming a traveling destination and exporting to many cities around the world. We will find the essentials of Caroline. The jacket, the black dress, the mesh, the pants, the blouse. Everything his cabinet can not do without, as well as a precise selection of accessories and strong pieces that particularly appeal to him.



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