Avenue Montaigne: avenue of light

Oddly enough, ampoule it is with the approach of the shortest days of the year that this avenue shines the most brightly. During this period, sovaldi the avenue literally twinkles with a thousand lights, a spectacle that has won it the first prize from the city of Paris for illuminations. Half of these trees are covered with glittering garlands and decorative frills.. But the show goes on in the boutiques, every one of which is more inventive than the next. Some display the traditional Christmas tree, adapted to modern



Others outdo themselves with themed compositions revolving around a product, a color or an item. At Christmas, the windows on the avenue can be seen from far away, like lighthouses in the night.

The « Comédie humaine »

On one end, the Rond-Point, the anti-chambre of the ChampsÉlysées, opens towards the Place de la Concorde, the Arc de Triomphe and the Élysée Palace. On the opposite end, a lovely perspective leads to the Seine River and beyond to the Left Bank. Avenue Montaigne is Parisian to the very tips of its toes. As on the neighboring Rue Francois 1er, here one can admire seductive objects, the latest generation of convertibles, and celebrities updating their wardrobes. But one can also run into journalists leaving recording studios, actors rushing into back stage doors, and students entering the cafes.



The Avenue Montaigne is vital, varied and cosmopolitan. Lend an ear: you’ll hear all of the languages of the planet spoken here

And for strolling, simply

But there are also very simple pleasures to be found here. The avenue is so large that it leaves space for the sky to open wide above our heads. What a privilege in the French capital, to be savored particularly at night when the spectacle of the moon and stars can be fully appreciated. And when the leaves on the trees turn golden and russet, scattered by the winds of autumn in Paris to the sound of joyfully warbling birds, close your eyes : take into account all of the emotions that this corner of Paris evokes. If the Avenue Montaigne didn’t exist, it would have to be invented.



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