Chanel’s transparent low-fronted shoes

Located in the form of bag, purchase during the parade Louis Vuitton and Chanel, the PVC appears as the trend of this summer 2013. We play with his transparency by integrating it into the aestheticism of the low-fronted shoe. Very sensual and elegant the shoe adorns itself with a silk crêpe, accompanied with PVC, it redraws the foot and refines its curve letting appear a certain nudity.
In his collection spring summer, 2013, Chanel looks after his accessories and in joins this tendency  » effect of material  » which returns a beautiful incredible part. Of the bag beach Hula-Hoop in pearl necklaces XXL, the silhouette is graphic, we play with the size, the shape or the material (translucent, stiff or wrinkled).


The shape of the low-fronted shoe is inspired by the 20s with its round end and its reasonable heel, the real retro touch comes from the fine rein around the ankle. A satiny noble material which brings this designer touch to the low-fronted shoe and the transparent which sculptures the foot. A luxurious accessory in the very Hollywood glamour provided with lightness and with subtlety.













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