THE HEROINE: The Video to the new advertising campaign of LOUIS VUITTON

The fashion house Louis Vuitton is happy to present you the video you already longed for. The famous and young artist Jaden Smith, ambulance son of Will Smith, stars in the video. « The Heroine » is making part of the new advertising campaign Spring / Summer 2016 of the Maison Louis Vuitton.

A group of young women is walking down the streets of the timeless city on the American East Coast: Tampa. The accessories, highlight of the collection, are emphasized by the vivacious choice of colours, which contrast those of the background: the typical red brick walls of Florida. Bruce Weber, creator of the video, captured the vitality and the multi-faced reality of the youth. The liberty and the young spirit emerge from the selection of models and Smith Junior is perfectly representing the hero and the symbol of this new generation.


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