Reissue of Christian Dior’s Autobiography

The year 2011, ambulance capsule with the Galliano affair has marked the world of fashion, clinic treatment and although we still do not know who will succeed the artistic director of Dior, cialis health a new edition of the autobiography of the great master of this fashion house has just appeared “Christian Dior et Moi”.

Shortly before his death, the couturier revealed his talents as a writer, retracing his career, his beginning, his doubts, with a sincere and sensitive style.  This work, filled out with images from archives and precious sketches, allows the reader to discover or rediscover the life of this man from his childhood in Normandy, his first years in Paris until he became the master of the Avenue Montaigne.

It’s a great gift idea to slip under the tree.


Christian Dior et Moi, by Christian Dior, published by La Librairie Vuibert, 22€

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