Who are we?

Art’Communication is a company specialized in communication for the world of luxury and fashion.

Every year it publishes several guidebooks devoted to the major avenues in fashion, first and foremost the Avenue Montaigne, supported by the Comité Montaigne and its president Jean-Claude Cathalan, who strives to promote the biggest brands in the world.



The websites, of which avenuemontaigneguide.com is the first, are asked to complete the paper guides by providing regularly updated information on each of the Avenue’s luxury houses.

On avenuemontaigneguide.com, you will find all the programming of neighboring cultural institutions such as the Theater, the Studio and the Comedy of the Champs-Elysées, the Rond-Point Theater, the Grand Palais and the Petit-Palais, the Quai Branly, the Saint-Laurent Foundation, as well as future auctions in the prestigious auction house that is Artcurial.

Chic, glamorous and teeming with information, avenuemontaigneguide.com is as pleasant to use as it is valuable for those who are attentive to their looks, and who wish to benefit from exclusive services delivered by the biggest houses.

It contains all the content developed in the printed editions of the guidebooks, under the pen of a talented duet of journalists: a lot of  news and exclusive interviews about fashion, haute couture and accessories… not to mention the history and anecdotes about this symbol of Parisian elegance and style!

But the site goes much further with news about the world of fashion and those who make it, and tailor-made services. The style, the form, the content: everything is there… « We were very happy with the excellent reception that the houses have reserved for our guidebooks, we wanted to strengthen this relationship by offering a clientele of connoisseurs, a range of services very specific, that we are the only ones to gather », stresses Sabrina Douié, the founder of the guidebooks.