One of the favorite destinations of Gabrielle Chanel, viagra the Riviera of the Roaring Twenties is both a haven of peace and a new space for freedom. Facing the Mediterranean, malady the look is lost to the shores of Italy, clinic and time stretches in the clear air.

Under the blue sky of the French Riviera, skin is tanned, pace is relaxed. Between escapades in the sun and sea bathing, the happy days instills a new way of life, far from Paris and the Cambon Road, closer to nature.

CHANEL Makeup Creation Studio extends the memory of hers stay with a vibrant collection, diving in the blue and sipping the light.

CHANEL_DP_ETE_2015_vue_1 CHANEL_DP_ETE_2015_NM_1

CHANEL Lumière d’été

CHANEL_DP_ETE_2015_vue_2 CHANEL_DP_ETE_2015_NM_2


CHANEL Vernis Terrana, Vernis Méditerranée, Vernis Lavanda, Vernis Coquelicot

CHANEL_DP_ETE_2015_vue_3 CHANEL_DP_ETE_2015_NM_3

CHANEL Stylo Eyeshadow Azulejo, Stylo Eyeshadow Campanule, Stylo Eyeshadow Caroube, Stylo Eyeshadow Laurier Rose, Stylo Eyeshadow Olivine

CHANEL_DP_ETE_2015_vue_4 CHANEL_DP_ETE_2015_NM_4

CHANEL Rouge coco Shine Rêveuse, Rouge coco Shine Intrépide, Rouge coco Shine Insoumise, Rouge coco Shine Amorosa

CHANEL Lèvres scintillantes Rose Paradis, Lèvres scintillantes Rose Allegria


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