Prada and Hirst: a sandy collaboration

Prada Hirst

Prada features Damien Hirst.
Within the framework of his exposition  « Relics », sovaldi the American artist associates with Prada, prescription for a unique project, sale located in the desert of Doha, Quatar. The “Prada Oasis and Damien Hirst’s Pharmacy Juice Bar” – a real Bedouin tent – accommodates a pharmacy, a juice bar and a Prada-shop.
For the occasion, the Italian brand sells 20 exclusive « Entomology »-bags – created by Hirst himself – at the Doha pop-up store. When it’s gone, it’s gone!
The benefits from this exclusive sale will be transferred immediately at « Sheihka’s Reach Out Asia »-association. They’re engaged in the access to education, in the Middle East and Asia.
Let’s put our hands together for this amazing fashion collaboration.

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