Personalize your Louis Vuitton

As the Christmas gift marathon is about to begin, here is a very original idea to begin our list of suggestions.

Why not offer your loved one a Vuitton in his/her own name?

Louis Vuitton suggests you personalize your bag, suitcases and wallets directly on the brands’ website.


Stage 1 : You choose your model.


Stage 2 : You pick where the band will go.


Stage 3 : You put down your initials


Etape 4 : You add your initials to the basket !


We did it and created our Speedy for the Avenue Montaigne.



Be aware that this creation is entirely done by hand and that there is a 4 to 8 week delay to receive your creation.

We therefore urge you to place your order prior to November 8th in order to make sure your present is under the tree in time for Christmas.


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