Paolo Sorrentino celebrating the Made in Italy’s Icon, B V L G A R I

‘The Dream’ is the title of the short film created by the Oscar’s Prize Paolo Sorrentino for one of the most amazing maison of jewellery !

The pride of the italian jewellery BVLGARI, decided to accomodate this short pojection for a special event: the DOMVS opening.

Set in Rome, the same city chosen by BVLGARI to open the  DOMVS. This is the name of  the new space made by Peter Marino, the same architect who realized the renovation of Via Condotti’s boutique. We are talking about a showroom-events space, not only a simple jewellery and orologery showroom. A calendar of cultural events will take place in the DOMVS !

For the occasion, BVLGARI decided to devote to Rome an extraordinary tribute, a ’70 s collier with three silver, golden and bronzed coins of the Roman time, with the effigy of The Imperator Nerone ( 54-68 d.c. )

To the ones who love Italian cinema, we wish you a good vision !

Commentez le premier !