Opening of Chanel’s new boutique



Last wednesday our date book had the double C imprint. At 10 am sharp we were under the glass dome of the grand Palais, eager to discover what Chanel has in store for us this coming 2012 autumn.  We also kept our date that evening and attended the inauguration cocktail of the new boutique at 51 avenue Montaigne. A 600 sq meter jewel as imagined by the architect Peter Marino who was able to re-created the cozy atmosphere of Mademoiselle Chanel’s apartments.  From the couch to the coffee table, the rugs and trinkets to a folding screen inlaid with mother of pearl, everything here, including small details, reflects Gabrielle’s universe.

The ready to wear, the accessories and the jewelry are surrounded by walls covered in gold woven fabric.  One could almost forget that one is in a boutique;  the space evoques luxuriant calm. One will be trying on clothes in the best conditions; the dressing rooms have armchairs, books and screens displaying the latest shows.  In the midsts of the staircase an incredible white Murano sculpture depicting a string of pearls, our gaze stops on Karl Lagerfeld here to inspect the finished work.  A hand proposes truffle oil shooters, and one cant help but notice that the timing is always perfect at Chanel’s !

We left with an eye shadow palette « 51 avenue Montaigne », specially conceived for the occasion!

All we can say is that Chanel knows how to greet their guests.  What if the avenue Montaigne became Chanel’s new headquarters?



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