Louis Vuitton Echo: traveling with serenity

In January, Louis Vuitton announced the release of a tracer hight-tech accessory for part of its range of luggage.



There are many suitcase trackers that, once positioned in the baggage, allow tracking and ensure that it will be found at the destination airport of the trip. It is a security for travelers who are afraid of seeing their belongings lost or stolen. Equipped with a GPS chip, these plotters are offered at variable rates, ranging from 60 to 200 euros depending on the features.

By launching LV Echo, Louis Vuitton allows its travelers to not lose their personal belongings, especially on international flights. With this new product, the brand is surfing the wave of connected objects.

The tracer, sold for € 250 and a six-month autonomy, is now part of the brand’s luggage accessories. It is currently compatible with models of Horizon 50, 55 and 70  suitcases developed by designer Marc Newson.

The Vuitton House argues about the ability to « travel peacefully with connected luggage ». The process seems particularly intuitive: once the tracer activated and placed in a dedicated pocket inside the bag, the traveler receives, after landing, a notification via the LV Pass application  available on the App Store and Google Play. The latter indicates the position of the baggage and its arrival (or not!) To destination.

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