JIMMY CHOO Cruise Collection 2017

Jimmy Choo cruise collection is an exclusive experience of personalisation.

Desirable sets of jeweled decorations crafted with Swarovski crystals immediately transform your essential accessories into special unique object.

Floral and vintage star inspired button charms – pearl, diamanté and fur pompom pinches or a statement crystal necklace as an attention grabbing bijoux strap instantly add an extra sprinkling to your look.



« I was thinking about that giddy delight you see in children when they choose from a tray of sweets I wanted there to be sense a showmanship and an irresistible boldness throughout the Cruise season. Our Capsule Collection allows you to express a new level of individuality through your shoes. Choose the shoe or bag that fits your mood and pick from a tempting menu of jeweled and fur pompom treats to play with. Designing and creativity are my passions and I wanted to give our clients the chance to share this wonderful experience. »

– Sandra Choi, Creative Director


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