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AMG: Bonjour Michelle, malady glad to have you with us! 

M: Bonjour, thanks for having me.


AMG: Before becoming a blogger, what did you do in your career? 

M: I was and still am a fashion stylist, the one who works at back stage, doing fashion product styling.


AMG: What’s the most interesting part of being a free-lancer, and meanwhile whats the most difficult part of it?

M: The interesting part is that you have a lot of freedom in doing exactly the things you are passionate about. The difficult part for free-lancers is that you have to be very self-disciplined and well-organized, figuring out the priority of your work.


AMG: Which city are you based in now?

M: I base in Shanghai, but I travel monthly to Paris and London now for projects and events.


AMG: As recently you have attended the Burberry show FW2015, what do you feel about it?

M: It is the most musical alike show, it combines so perfectly the clothing and the music. The music changes ( live music?with the texture of the clothing, which gives you an emotional and deeper understanding of the colors/textures. It touches you.


AMG: If possible, what are the 3 key words for fashion trend 2015? 

M: Safari, 70s, and all kinds of Fringes and tassels.


AMG: What are your expectations for your work for this new year 2015?

M: For the year 2015, I have started to do fashion business. I have brought 2 Parisian brands back to China, and hopefully I will have 2 more by the end of the year. Turning from a fashion stylist into a business woman, I have the intention to bring great individual fashion brands to China and to create a much bigger platform for the individual designers.


AMG: How do you think of Shanghai and Paris?

M: Shanghai and Paris are somehow very similar. They have their own unique culture and have inspired me in my style. Shanghai, my home town has built who I am as for my career. Even though I have lived quite some places in the world, Paris is still where I am touched the most for its freedom, art and music.


AMG: Tell us some places where you like to go shopping and find the unique stuff? 

M: Well, to be honest, I shop online all the time, on international online platforms like VAM, etc. As for the retails, I would like to go Saint Germain des Prés in Paris, and Covent Garden in London, as well as Wukang Rd in Shanghai. We could always find unique stuff by exploring small boutiques.
AMG: How do you see Avenue Montaigne Guide, and whats your expectations for this column Blogger Talks?

M: I think it’s very international and this is what we need now. I really hope to see more and more interviews and collaborations from AMG with people from different creative industries and share more fun, loving stories with the readers.








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