Beauty interview,Claire Blavet tells us about Chanel’s « Beiges ».

Claire Blavet


Imagine a light powder, easy to apply, that lights up your face no matter the season.

This is what Peter Philips offers today with a subtle range titled « The Beiges » that, with a brushstroke  reveals the brilliance of light and dark skin tones.

On the occasion of the release of this unique line, Claire Blavet, make-up artist for Chanel reveals how this concentrate works and precious tips on its usage. And when the artist talks about this beauty ritual, we were already eager to try it the next morning.


By Margot Robin




Specifically, how can we define this new product? Is it a foundation, powder, terracotta?


Peter Philips

CB: The original idea was to create a different product, an essence of freedom similar to what Gabrielle Chanel attempted  to release the silhouette, the powder should offer good looks all year round with an easy gesture. It is a loose powder that reveals radiance from 1 January to 31 December. A product for all seasons, easy to use.


We are still in the boom of BB creams, we’re told about liquid foundations and compact  mineral powders, how does one know which product to choose?

CB: BB cream as liquid foundation is really a product that is applied to the mirror in the morning. The Beige applies the morning after day cream, but allows through its housing and mirror « wide angle », light fittings without missteps or excess material throughout the day.

À partir de 30 ans, les petites ridules commencent à faire leurs apparitions sur nos visages. Comment ne pas figer ces premiers signes de l’âge ?


Starting at the age of 30, fine lines begin to make their appearances on our faces. How to deal with these first signs of aging?

CB: The most important thing today and what Coco Chanel was looking for at the time, is brilliance. One needs to have a light hand no matter which product is used to reveal radiance. Mature skin use their usual day cream and a touch up to hide dark circles and redness, and a lighter shade is used in the inner corner of the eye to brighten the eye, and then one applies one’s Beige.

On oily skin, one can apply a veil of loose powder on the mid-zone while making sure to keep the cheekbones clear to maintain the shine.

Pinceau Lune

Is the half-moon brush supplied in the case enough?

CB: This brush has been specially designed for the right gesture. Peter wanted the brush to be flat for a light and volatile application. Just a small amount for immediate brillance.


« The Beiges » in plural, means seven colors, for caucasion skins to those with a porcelain tint, is there a trick to picking the right color?

CB: There is no specific place on the body that perfectly reflects the color of the face. Technically, you can test in the corners where the skin is clearest.  The inside of the arm, hand or neck. The product is made to adapt to the color of the skin. Even if one moves away from its complexion, apply the product without excess, stretching it and blending it, there is no risk of being wrong.


You speak of  « stretching » to « blend », can you give us some tips for the best use of our « Beige »?


As I said earlier, you need a light touch when working these products. You can add a touch of pink blush such as rose initial  that you can even apply with the brush of Beige. Also always make sure that the eyebrows are well brushed and your lips hydrated.


For a Nude look with lips well hydrated, we can apply  « Beige » with a clean and dry fingertip.  You apply a bit of  the substance on the inside of the lips and on the contour. Then remove any excess in order to redesign and bring out the pink outline and finish with a balm such as coconut balm to keep the tone and then a slight gloss or satin or matte.


Speaking of « Nude » which has been a big trend in previous summers, can you tell us what Chanel has in store for us next season?

CB: I can not reveal to you at this time, but there will be some colorful proposals! But lets make that the subject of a forthcoming interview …



Les Beiges

Les Beiges


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