With this exhibition the Petit Palais invites us into the secret world of the artist’s studio: over 400 photographs, cheap along with paintings, sculptures and videos, will bring visitors as close as possible to the creative process, via images of the studios of Ingres, Picasso, Matisse, Bourdelle, Zadkine and Brancusi as well as of those of Joan Mitchell, Miquel Barceló and Jeff
Koons. This is the first exhibition ever to focus on photographs of the studio on such a large scale and in such an extraordinary way, inviting the viewer to explore the creative spirit.
Ever since the invention of photography in the 19th century, artists’ studios have fascinated photographers. Documenting interiors and making portraits of popular artists, focusing on the creative act itself or seeing the studio as a metaphor for the birth of images … photography has always penetrated and explored these spaces where the work of art is produced. Photographing the studio is not only a way to see the artist at work and to make the creative process tangible; it also becomes, through its fascination with these spaces, an opportunity to meditate on photography itself.

5th April to 17th july 2016

Opening hours

From Tuesday to Sunday / 10am-6pm

Last opening on Friday until 9pm

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