They love the Avenue Montaigne : Mireille D’Arc

Mireille Darc, actress “My first address in Paris ”



I came to Paris in the 1960’s from Toulon. I was looking for a place to live and happened to meet a man I knew from Toulon. He said “Listen I have a friend, the Countess Madame de Montaigu, who might have a room for you to rent.” And Madame de Montaigu did, in fact, have a very charming room that she rented to me at number 53 Avenue Montaigne, on the third floor of the building in the back courtyard. I didn’t have a lot to eat, since I was a young actress and my family didn’t have the means to support me. But I lived on Avenue Montaigne and I was very happy there since then, I have always had a very joyful attachment to this Avenue. I also lived on rue François Ier with Alain Delon. And I have since returned to Avenue Montaigne, about ten years ago. Anne-Marie Périer lived here and when she left her apartment to move in with Michel Sardou, she said, “If you want to take it over…”



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