#GucciDansLesRues : GUCCI PreFall 2018

For the Prefall collection, the eclectic Gucci tribe moved to Paris. After Florence, Berlin, Tokyo and Rome over the previous seasons, this geographical change is also temporal because it transports us in full May 1968, the spring of the student rebellion in the City of Light.



The Gucci rebels occupy a university campus in a movement of optimism, idealism and passion. Without fear of expressing themselves, they are united by the desire to celebrate change and challenge the establishment. Glen Luchford’s images are inspired by the daring, experimental and iconoclastic style of the New Wave in the late ’50s and’ 60s, a movement of innovative filmmakers such as François Truffaut and Jean-Luc Godard.



The revolt of 1968 began in May when the students occupied La Sorbonne. Thanks to the new cultural lingua franca of rock’n’roll, the existentialism of Jean-Paul Sartre and a new participative democracy, the hour of change had come. The action of the Parisian students then spread to the workers and intellectuals of the country, with repercussions far beyond the borders of France.


Gucci’s advertising campaign captures the spirit of this extraordinary moment, but beyond a specific time and place, it also evokes the urban harshness of cinema in the mid-90s. Gucci’s vision of the youth rebellion is much more romantic than claiming – after all, these dreamers quote verses from Rimbaud, Bohemian symbolist poet, and come together under the banner Freedom, Equality, Sexuality. In the three teasers of the campaign, pairs of students exchange words in secret during a poetry class and wear a slogan of love.


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