Gucci windows

This launch is accompanied by an event that will take place in the CHANEL shop at 51 avenue Montaigne before becoming a traveling destination and exporting to many cities around the world. We will find the essentials of Caroline. The jacket, the black dress, the mesh, the pants, the blouse. Everything his cabinet can not do without, as well as a precise selection of accessories and strong pieces that particularly appeal to him. Gucci is inspired by the memorable parade in London last June and unveils a new concept of showcase presenting the collections Cruise 2017 for woman and for man designed by Alessandro Michele.


The original architecture of the parade – a series of Gothic glass arches – also plays an important role in the design of the windows to recreate the same atmosphere, as are the benches with embroidered cushions. One of the themes of the collection itself evokes « English collectibles » and showcases allude to it with figures of Staffordshire spaniels in ceramics. For the touch of pop culture London, Gucci dressed the walls with its denim printed with graffiti, associated in a more traditional spirit with English woodwork for the window frames that reproduces the Gothic arches of the parade.


The accessories occupy the « center of the stage » on benches fitted with embroidered cushions or on shelves placed in the arches of the showcases, while the clothes are presented on mannequins of velvet suit.



The showcases are color-coded: pink for ready-to-wear and feminine accessories, light blue for ready-to-wear and masculine accessories, green for ready-to-wear and unisex accessories. Like the previous concepts of Gucci display cases, this dream landscape and reality coexist produces a surreal effect.


Launched today in the shop Via Montenapoleone in Milan, the windows of the collection Croisière 2017 will be deployed throughout the world.

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