Gucci Fall / Winter 2016/2017

Seventy silhouettes. Every single one of them showed an exuberant energy. The choice of colors was daring. Red, sovaldi the color of this new year predominates. The mix of attitudes is the spoken language of Alessandro Michele: a mix of styles, forms, cuts and different personalities. We present you the Autumn / Winter 2016 / 2017 Collection of the Italian Fashion house Gucci!


Gucci-RF16-0874 Gucci-RF16-0886 Gucci-RF16-0899 Gucci-RF16-0907 Gucci-RF16-0915 Gucci-RF16-0927 Gucci-RF16-0936 Gucci-RF16-0943 Gucci-RF16-0954 Gucci-RF16-0962 Gucci-RF16-0971 Gucci-RF16-0982 Gucci-RF16-0994 Gucci-RF16-1007 Gucci-RF16-1018 Gucci-RF16-1031 Gucci-RF16-1038 Gucci-RF16-1048 Gucci-RF16-1058 Gucci-RF16-1068 Gucci-RF16-1077 Gucci-RF16-1086 Gucci-RF16-1100 Gucci-RF16-1109 Gucci-RF16-1116 Gucci-RF16-1123 Gucci-RF16-1136 Gucci-RF16-1141 Gucci-RF16-1146 Gucci-RF16-1153 Gucci-RF16-1161 Gucci-RF16-1166 Gucci-RF16-1172 Gucci-RF16-1184 Gucci-RF16-1197 Gucci-RF16-1207 Gucci-RF16-1212 Gucci-RF16-1223 Gucci-RF16-1231 Gucci-RF16-1239 Gucci-RF16-1245 Gucci-RF16-1249 Gucci-RF16-1252 Gucci-RF16-1259 Gucci-RF16-1272 Gucci-RF16-1282 Gucci-RF16-1290 Gucci-RF16-1302 Gucci-RF16-1316 Gucci-RF16-1321 Gucci-RF16-1325 Gucci-RF16-1341 Gucci-RF16-1346 Gucci-RF16-1352 Gucci-RF16-1355 Gucci-RF16-1370 Gucci-RF16-1380 Gucci-RF16-1386 Gucci-RF16-1401 Gucci-RF16-1408 Gucci-RF16-1422 Gucci-RF16-1429 Gucci-RF16-1437 Gucci-RF16-1447

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