Gucci and the 1980’s

A sporty attitude, eccentric and typical for the 1980’s. An impeccable styling characterized by the atmosphere and the underground scenario of the city of Berlin. A daring photographic choice: the warm colours and the perspective of the photos highlight the particularities of the styles.  For its advertising campaign Spring / Summer 2016, the fashion label Gucci trusted in Glen Luchford for the photographs and in Christopher Simmonds for the styling. We think that was a very good choice Alessandro Michele!

GUCCI_002_0597_EXT_v10_QC_R300  GUCCI_004_0681_EXT_v6_QC_R300

GUCCI_010_0204_EXT_v4_QC_R300  GUCCI_011_0618_EXT_v6_QC_R300

GUCCI_014_0102_EXT_v4_QC_R300  GUCCI_020_0251_EXT_v5_QC_R300dpi


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