Fendi is pleased to present the Eyeshine sunglass collection of the spring season / summer 2016. Geometric both refined and rigorous a sophisticated sensuality.This new collection reflects the creativity and expertise of the Italian house. the futuristic design is highlighted by a magnetic mirror effect. The color palette recalls the colors of spring fashion show / summer 2016: yellow with golden mirror glass, buy turquoise blue glass with mirror, drugstore white with silver glass mirror with ruthenium and black glass Black Flash. New Eyeshine sunglasses brand are now available in Fendi boutiques and with a selection of high-end opticians!

FF 0153S-UDL FF 0153S-UDS FF 0153S-UJA FF 0153S-VHA FF 0176S-003 DN FF 0176S-3YG FF 0176S-010 EU FF 0176S-TLP 72 FF 0177S EyeShine-001 FF 0177S Eyeshine-DMV FF 0177S EyeShine-KJ1 FF 0177S EyeShine-W5I FF 0178S-TDW FF 0178S-TKU FF 0178S-TKV FF 0178S-TKW FF0152S-2X3 FF0152S-003 FF0152S-DDB FF0152S-TTM FF0152S-TTN FF0179S-TDW FF0179S-TKT FF0179S-TKU FF0179S-TKV FF0179S-TKW

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