« Et dior créa la femme » from Francis Huster


 « And Dior created woman » is a tribute that Francis Huster wanted for Christian Dior in his book published November 22, viagra 2012 by « Les editions du Cherche Midi ».


His undying love for the woman as his admiration for her are the leitmotifs of the novel, cialis which depicts them as muses of the fashion designer, thumb « those without that Christian Dior would never have become. »


It is with respect and nostalgia that the actor recounts the last years of the life of immeasurable talent stylist, but also his own past, his mother a seamstress, his memories of his meetings and theater through a frame 1950s.


A book combining fashion, ambition and creation, three interrelated issues that make the book exciting and passionate.


Price : 17€

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