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What has Hannah MacGibbon, Artistic Director of your firm,
created to flatter women for this spring-summer season?


An elegant stance, slim silhouette: the Chloé woman embodies a
modern grace, full of freshness. Her wardrobe with couture accents,
embodies refinement to better reflect her airy style, marked by self
confidence and controlled energy.
Dresses and coats in crepe, fall impeccably, underlined with metal.
Dresses with meticulous pleats are cut from luxurious jersey of perfect
fluidity. The same rigorous fluidity is found in long skirts made of
mousseline, sometimes over shorts for a play on transparencies. More
sporty, pants with satin bands and shirts without sleeves in starched
and fresh cotton evoke in a nearly abstract way the daily discipline of
a modern ballerina.



Among creators of the It Bag, Chloé holds a prime position.
What is the latest success?


The “Aurore” handbag, with its classic elegance accompanies the Chloé
woman daily. If it inherited from the “Paddington”, a practical spirit
and slightly masculine allure, “Aurore” sets itself apart by its fluidity
and its pure lines, inspired by the sophisticated sportswear of the
collections of Hannah MacGibbon. Its more discrete padlock, its light
“cuir végétal”, (vegetable-tanned leather), make for a perfectly chic look,
easy to wear. Ideal companion for the active city dweller, “Aurore” is
available in two basic forms, Duffle and Tote, both equally easy to
carry, available in two shades, black and caramel.

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