Les vendanges de l’avenue Montaigne 2012


Yesterday, September 11, 2012, the grapes, a symbol of the traditional “Harvest”  initiative of the Montaigne Comittee,  illuminated Montaigne Avenue Montaigne and the rue François 1er.

With original designs, the fashion houses invited their many guests to spend a festive and social moment while combining the new collections with the great names of wine and champagne. 

Each brand had its own atmosphere and vision of the event with a global sense of hospitality and refinement. 

In the beautifully decorated tent of the Committee Montaigne with a taste of a glass Demoiselle Vranken champagne as the evening kicked off,we followed by a glass of Ruinart champagne at Dior's,
enjoyed a glass of Chateau Canon One at Chanel's, a glass of Krug at Vuitton, admired floral installations at Nina Ricci's, tasted the chef's
delicacies at Loro Piana,loved the théâtre des Champs Elysées's orchestra, danced at the rhythm of the Blumarine sounds, applauded 
the decor at D.Porthault, and shared many emotions in each fashion house.

Our team had the pleasure of following the Chair, Mr. Jean-Claude Cathalan throughout the evening and collected the testimony of a public captivated by the event. Here is our video of the evening and go in two years for a new crop!








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