I was surfing on the virtual pages of Instagram and I found him! One click and I sent to his e-mail address just few words, hoping for a reply. And voilà ! For those who do not know him, here you are his biography and the interview we had the chance to get. A big thank you too to his assistant, Anna Lucia Uihlein !


– Donald Robertson is a Toronto-born/New-York based artist whose prolific career spans decades and industries.   Robertson has dedicated his whole career to the creative industry, most recently rejoining Estée Lauder on special projects where he works today. To his credits, Donald worked with the founders of MAC Cosmetics, where he helped launch VivaGlam to raise millions globally for the fight against AIDS. Next trading in beauty for fashion, Robertson launched American Marie Claire before redesigning American Glamour with Conde Nast and Hearst.   In the past 18 months, he has focused free time on his solo art career after instagram launched him into the global spotlight where the press has named him the « Andy Warhol of Instagram. » His most recent interview by Lee Woodruff aired on CBS This Morning, adding to countless features in publications including CR Fashionbook, Vanity Fair UK, Vogue Korea, Vogue Brazil, Harper’s Bazaar, the NY Post, and InStyle Magazine, where he is a regular contributor.   Additionally, recent highlights include illustrations commissioned by the White House and Jo Carole Lauder to raise awareness for FAPE, an art show at Colette in Paris, collaborations with prolific fashion designers including Giles Deacon and shoe designer Brian Atwood, his first solo gallery show at Eric Firestone Gallery in East Hampton, and the birth of his two twin boys, Charlie and Henry. –




1. Let us discover you. Think that we do not know anything about you, how did you start ? You are from .. ? Canada !

2. Your concept of art in one word. Happiness.

3. How do you manage the realtionship between art and fashion ? And which is for you the relationship between art and fashion yesterday and today ? Art is about attraction.  Fashion too. When you combine them it’s the ultimate explosion it’s always been like that! Google YSL Mondrian inspired dresses!

4. Did you study or did you start following someone as an assistant ? No.  I always just acted like a Creative Director and started very early. I have no education or training. I believe it’s why I am am successful at it ! RULES FREE!

5. Your 1st favourite color. Your 2nd one. Neon Pink with black or white  Neutrals  help make colors pop

6. When you create you think about ? Always let the medium you are using determine what you do. Never fight your medium!

7. How did you arrive to the fashion world ? ( the most desired world of the worlds )
I pushed in with no invitation from the suburbs of Canada! I held on to a pipe until everyone gave up waiting for me to leave.

8. I do love your art ( as i already told you ). How did you start  »nutting » ? ( i used to do the same in Italy for easter with the eggs, but my fantasy was stopped at my daddy´s face )
My kids stared at me too when I started to paint walnuts.  Now they are reading about them in the press! Never let people discourage you from being weird! Be nutty!!!

9. Your inspiration is.. ? Im thinking now I might be an idea guy who can paint and draw.  So I would have to say showing off how clever I am inspires me.  Ha

10. what makes you happy ? Who makes you motivated ? Your muse. I have five children. They range In age from 18 to 1! I am over inspired on a daily basis. I steal all their ideas!

11. Before being an artist you were.. ? I was sperm. I have always been an artist

12. Who is your favourite artist ? ( i know it is an hard question.. ) David Hockney and john Currin I flip flop

13. Your house/flat is .. ? ( full of painting, classic, crazy, american, baroque, a mess ) My wife is a hard core minimalist. My art is all in my studio. I like it like that.

14. You are .. One word to discribe you. ( I think everyone got their own personal word ) Funny !

15. To someone who is starting a crieer of artist you would love to tell him/her.. ? Copy the person you want to be! Rip them off completely. After a while it just turns into you. It works!

( by Gloria Russo )


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A special thanks to this fabulous artist !

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