DOLCE&GABBANA: colorful sneakers!

Surfing the trend set by many fashion and luxury houses, salve Italian brand Dolce&Gabbana will soon present its own new collection of sneakers, these trendy sports shoes worn by all the stars, bloggers, it girls and fashionistas !

It is for the pleasure of the ladies – but not only theirs, the gentlemen will also be happy- that Dolce&Gabbana will launch its first men and women sneakers collection for pre-fall 2014-2015.

You will find below an exclusive preview of a few models, which play with textures, fabrics and patterns. Colorful sneakers with a strong character and for all tastes!

For you ladies:

032 DG_Acc_Pre_2nd_31 DG_Acc_Pre_2nd_33 DG_Acc_Pre_2nd_59

For you gentlemen:

DG_Sfilata_020 DG_Sfilata_021 DG_Sfilata_038 DG_Sfilata_043

Commentez le premier !