Diorskin Forever Undercover, the new ally of our complexion

Experts in skin finishing and hold, the Dior Labs reinvent extreme correction with Diorskin Forever Undercover. This smooth, high-coverage 24H foundation reconciles maximum complexion control with a natural matte appearance for a « Kiss-Proof, Touch-Proof, Life-Proof, All Night, All Day » result.

Diorskin Forever Undercover contains the highest pigment load in the range, almost twice as much as the iconic Diorskin Forever foundation for perfect camouflage. The water-based formula fixes on the skin an ultra-thin film, highly pigmented without any feeling of matter, to offer an imperceptible matte finish for 24 hours.

Peter Philips, director of creation and image at Dior Makeup, gives us his perception of this neo-camouflage: « Integrated in a very fluid texture, the high concentration of pigments ensures a perfect correction of imperfections. What is very new for such coverage: the product can’t be seen nor felt. The finish is fresh and matt enough to avoid the need for powder. »



If we had to listen to some application tips provided by Peter Philips: « Ultra slippery texture does not settle instantly and can work with fingers. We start by tapping on the areas that need correction, then we blur by smoothing. If you are looking for a totally uniform coverage over the entire face, you can use a foundation brush. The 24-hour dress* does not require any alterations during the day. »

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