Dior institut, a much anticipated birth

The Plaza Athénée and Christian Dior, a love story…

In 1913, the Plaza Athénée opened its doors. In 1947, the Maison Dior saw the light of day on the same Avenue Montaigne, on the opposite side of the street. These two symbols of French-style luxury were made for one another and they soon met. Christian

Dior lunched at the palace with his best clients and used it as the backdrop for photographing his creations. The name that he gave to some of his creations – Plaza, Athénée or his Bar suit – from 1947 on, illustrate the close tie that has since been perpetuated by other Dior designers or muses, from John Galliano to Monica Bellucci. This relationship was reinforced at the end of 2008 with the creation of the Dior Institut in the heart of the Plaza Athénée. The clear objective – which echoes the words of Christian Dior: “to make women more beautiful and happier…”

Christian Dior, 1905-1957

Marble with silvery tones

The setting lives up to the tradition of the two firms. One enters the Dior Institut by a stairway charged with history. It leads to an arched gallery with arcades opening onto a pool crowned by a drop of blown glass, and beyond, the cabins. The cabins are

decorated in silvery tones with mirrors and marble treatment tables. Back massages, micro-abrasion, anti-age active concentrates: The Dior Institut offers a wide variety of treatments. The offerings range from “Vie Active” treatments, given in 75 minutes to fit this delicious pause into professional life, to “L’Or de Vie”, a treatment created in association with the Château d’Yquem and its vines, among the world’s most renowned. A visit to the sauna or the Tisanerie (the herbal tea room) are fitting finales to this moment of refinement.





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