50´s + 60´s + 70´s = Raf Simons Haute Couture Spring 2015 ! Amazing mix of ages, sovaldi perfect casting, healing perfect mood, perfect choice of colours. Here you are the pictures of the Fashion Show Haute Couture Spring 2015 of Dior !

DIO_0106 DIO_0128 DIO_0150 DIO_0164 DIO_0184 DIO_0194 DIO_0216 DIO_0238

DIO_0258 DIO_0278 DIO_0300 DIO_0322 DIO_0350 DIO_0384 DIO_0396 DIO_0416 DIO_0456 DIO_0486 DIO_0506 DIO_0528 DIO_0554 DIO_0586 DIO_0612 DIO_0636 DIO_0648 DIO_0680 DIO_0692 DIO_0708 DIO_0734 DIO_0756 DIO_0776 DIO_0806 DIO_0830 DIO_0850 DIO_0878 DIO_0908 DIO_0920 DIO_0946 DIO_0964 DIO_0982 DIO_1010 DIO_1028 DIO_1054 DIO_1078 DIO_1086 DIO_1110 DIO_1128 DIO_1142 DIO_1162 DIO_1174 DIO_1188 DIO_1200 DIO_1222 DIO_1240

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