CHANEL exclusive patron of the renovation of the Grand Palais

CHANEL is committed to the Grand Palais by becoming the exclusive and historic sponsor of its renovation and development project that will begin in December 2020 and will end in 2024, with a partial reopening in 2023.



A brand of creation turned towards the future and open to the world, CHANEL is committed to pursuing an approach initiated by its founder Gabrielle Chanel by promoting the cultural and artistic influence of Paris. CHANEL will thus reinforce its commitment in Paris by a new exclusive and historic sponsorship of 25 million euros for the realization of the project of renovation and development of the
Grand Palais, symbol of architectural innovation in Paris since its creation.

Built for the Universal Exhibition of 1900, theGrand Palais is one of the most beautiful European historical monuments and a site closely linked for many years to the history and news of CHANEL. It has been the setting for extraordinary decorations created by CHANEL’s Artistic Director, Karl Lagerfeld, for the Haute Couture and Ready-to-Wear fashion shows of the Maison in Paris since 2005.



The Nef has thus welcomed monumental sculptures of the CHANEL jacket and the lion dear to Gabrielle Chanel, a giant world map, iceberg ice sculptures, wind turbines, waterfalls, a wooden house and – a nice tribute to Paris – a reproduction of the Eiffel Tower. Karl Lagerfeld’s boundless creative audacity has also transformed this emblematic place into an ancient theater nestled in the heart of a real forest, a devastated theater, a shopping center, a Parisian avenue, a feminist event, a theatrical airport, Parisian brasserie, Versailles and French garden, or even shooting center of a rocket taking off under the glass dome! So many feats imagined by the couturier who, season after season, create the event, mark the spirits and radiate all over the world.



« CHANEL and the Grand Palais together created a strong bond, initiated by Karl Lagerfeld in 2005. The Grand Palais, With its exceptional nave, which houses our fashion shows, CHANEL is much more than just a monument in the heart of Paris. Its remarkable architecture makes it a true place of inspiration and creation for Karl Lagerfeld. We are proud and happy to accompany the Grand Palais and its president Sylvie Hubac, in the ambitious project of restoration and development of this Parisian institution with a universal vocation, « stresses Bruno Pavlovsky, President of CHANEL Fashion Activities.

In the same way as the exclusive sponsorship of the creation of new exhibition spaces at Palais Galliera, Paris Fashion Museum, in 2019, and the project of a new real estate complex Porte d’Aubervilliers putting at the honor the craftsmanship of its Parisian crafts in 2020, this new commitment is part of CHANEL’s desire to contribute to the cultural and artistic influence of Paris in the world.

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