CHANEL, one of the world leaders in luxury (Fashion, Perfume-Beauty, and Watchmaking-Jewelery), and Farfetch, the online platform dedicated to fashion, announced the signing of an exclusive agreement to develop together a range of digital services. This partnership will provide CHANEL’s customers with new experiences and personalized services that will be based on digital tools and augmented reality.
 This is the first time a partnership of this type has emerged in the luxury industry.



This announcement follows several months of close collaboration between the two companies, the aim being to create synergies between the customer experience as designed by CHANEL and the offer of innovative services developed by Farfetch.

CHANEL and Farfetch share the same vision for the future of retail and purchasing. Both actors are convinced that if digitalization is unavoidable, it must be at the service of a privileged and ultra-personalized customer experience,
where one navigates between his connected universe and his real life in a perfectly fluid way.

The house is convinced that the emotion of its eight annual collections can only be passed on in stores, because it is at the heart of the customer experience. But lifestyles have changed, and the customers of the big houses are waiting for a service as luxurious as the products on offer, which includes the use of technological advances that renew the customer experience.

Farfetch’s « Augmented Retail » vision is based on customer preferences to optimize their store experience and beyond. With this partnership, CHANEL will take advantage of the unique technology developed by Farfetch to imagine, as a first collaboration, its own customer experience in augmented reality to make the shop experience even stronger.



For Jose Neves, Founder and CEO of Farfetch: « It is a real honor to be able to work in partnership with Maison CHANEL and jointly develop the technical and technological innovations that will allow it to remain at the forefront of excellence in retail and to go even further in the ultimate luxury experience for which it is renowned. We believe that the future of luxury retail lies in reinventing the customer experience, both online and in-store. We call this vision « Augmented Retail ». It involves combining the magic of store experience with the benefits of online and digital services.
 Today, we invest more than anyone in technology and customer knowledge to make this vision a reality. »

For Bruno Pavlovsky, President of CHANEL’s Fashion Activities: « We are delighted with this collaboration with Farfetch and look forward to implementing the first steps of our project together.
We want to re-enchant the customer experience, making it even more authentic and unique, by transmitting even more the values of our brand.If the digital will never replace this moment when we try a creation CHANEL in the living room of one of our shops, we consider it as an ally, not an opponent.We are confident that with the help of Farfetch, we will be able to offer an even more unique customer experience, combining innovative technology with the tremendous expertise of our store advisors. »

As part of this partnership, CHANEL has invested in Farfetch, joining its current shareholders.

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