What we can add more if we say ‘Chanel’ ? Let´s imagine the interior of the Grand Palais of Paris, sildenafil a Frozen Jungle as a scenography, pharmacy and a styling signed by Michel GaubertKarl Lagerfeld has developed into 360 degrees the floral theme for the creations of haute couture SS2015 of Chanel. The cherry on the cake were the dreamy-gardeners who opened and closed the show, treat spectacular also the casting : Kendall Jenner ( one of the ex-baby Kardashian ), Joan Smalls ( the new Naomi Campbell ), Sasha Luss ( one of the testimonials of Dior for the make up and glasses´ campaigns ), Lindsey Wixson ( the top-cover girl ), Alexandre Cunha ( one of the top icons men ). And what about the guests ? Vanessa Paradis, Alice Dellal and Gaspard Ulliel were welcome.. and Chanel was pleased to invite us !

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