Caron Powder


POWDER Powder Fine Skin CARON
Matter light and delicate excellence CARON Powder touches the skin, Maison CARON has made it an art in the line of Haute Parfumerie.
Caron Powder Caron offers a palette of 11 shades, with enchanting and evocative names, « Rose Bonne Mine », « Radieuse », « Amber Light »… Seductive veil for all types of skin and for all skin types.

With its powders with the precious fragrance of Rose of Bulgaria, always at the heart of the composition of its Powders, Caron, offers a magic potion. A cloud of loose powder like air, which will leave you « Rose of Pleasure »

Caron Powder, whose manufacture remains an artisanal secret, will always retain its finesse, its legendary lightness, its authenticity.



Each has its texture, classic or transparent, at each of its carnation, from the most dewy to the palest, not forgetting the matte complexion.

To matifier, illuminate, soften or unify the complexion while giving it an incomparable finesse. It brings a touch of elegance to any style of make-up: from the most natural to the most sophisticated. An irreplaceable powder.

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