Caron, Pour un Homme

The house CARON honors its great classic of 1934, the perfume Pour un Homme.

This iconic fragrance of the brand, has a new look with a new concentration of fragrance accompanied by a new advertising campaign.

From the first use of this perfume, one immediately notices the resemblance with the old version, but with a more powerful touch. This fragrance is unique, the lavender is magnified and brings a touch of pure vivacity that mingles with the amber accord very present. A noble fragrance, elegant, with a correctness in the game of balance between the different scents. The vanilla touches bring a bit of lightness, a powdery smell that carries us and that does not let go all day long. A perfume that remains in the classicism of the house Caron while playing on more or less accentuated notes of the different components.

The Perfume bottle For a Man is very faithful to the curves of the house, tinged with a gradient of green and black with centered, a metallic label. A sobriety that inspires elegance.

The brand also unveiled a new advertising campaign, realized by the young photographer Ludovic Baron.


For a Man Perfume, 98 euros / 75 ml

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